Home Appliance Repair Atlanta – A Guide On Appliance Repair Vs Replacement Option

Modern life in your house can almost be impossible without home appliances. That is why you need a broken refrigerator fixed or replaced and any other household appliance that is not functioning as it should be. Although every appliance will become obsolete at some point, it makes sense to come up with a conclusion on whether to repair or replace the broken unit. Fixing a broken appliance could be cheaper than replacing it with a new one. The decision to repair an obsolete or a very aged appliance is however not wise in terms of cost. The guide below will reduce your anxiety about replacement choice or appliance repair atlanta, Georgia.


The age of your household appliance matters most when it comes to repair or replace decision. Commonly used household appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, cookers, and dryers have an average lifespan if well maintained but if they breakdown after their life expectancy, a replacement can be a better option.


The price of your appliance compared to repair cost should be a guiding factor. Generally, appliance repair experts recommend replacing an appliance if the cost of repair exceeds half the original cost of the appliance. If your refrigerator or other home appliance keeps breaking down and the repair cost is almost exceeding half its original cost, it’s advisable to replace it and avoid further expenses.

Appliance repair is however necessary if your unit has minor faults that can be corrected by a professional repairman to prolong its life and save you the cost of buying a new machine.

Professional appliance repair is again necessary for antiques that would be hard to replace when they break down. The repair option is however a consideration if the technology to repair the antique is unavailable or obsolete.


If your appliance is still under warranty, you can call an appliance repairman to fix it. A replacement will be recommended if your appliance has already passed its warranty period. If your appliance’s warranty has not expired, you may have it repaired at a reduced cost or for free.Finally, when replacing or buying a new home appliance, find out whether its warranty is covered by an appliance repair shop that is factory-authorized to reap the most benefits out of your expensive machine.